How do businesses use relationship marketing?

How do businesses use relationship marketing?

Long-term relationships after customer acquisition are the aim of relationship marketing. Ecommerce and business need to encourage customer loyalty through two-way communication and by keeping track of customer activities. These interactions allow businesses to provide customized information and options to their customers. 

The strategies behind successful relationship marketing


  • Create a website that is interesting, has all the necessary information and is easy to navigate and this must constantly be updated. 
  • Reach out through social media to target your customers by using demographics. Once you know them you can engage with them in a personalized way.
  • Use WordPress to reach your customers on the internet with blogs and provide them with content that both informs and entertains them. 
  • Feedback, complaints and customer requests must always be responded to and they should be asked to review or complete surveys. 
  • Loyalty rewards are inexpensive and effective. 
  • Communicate regularly on social media, by email and messages. 
  • Show your customers that you know them by recommending alternative products and solutions. 
  • Get potential customers to your website by working with strategic partners from complementary industries for referrals to your website. 


These are just some of the ways that you can build your relationship marketing for your ecommerce and business.

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