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Originally from Barcelona, Spain. Emilio Dominguez moved to Sydney in 2015 Emilio completed Business School in Information Technology 2010 and works as a systems administrator at Cannabis Access Clinics, supporting the activities of our healthcare practitioners. I have engaged in various community events, and he enjoy competing in sporting activities  leads charity and fund-raising activities such as marathons (2016- 2017 Sydney) MS Sydney to Gong 2016.

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I have always considered myself addicted to innovation, technology and challenges. With only 6 years old, my older brother brought a PowerBooks. I remember perfectly that moment in which I began to inquire into the thought that from there I would get something clear. But what I really did is awaken my desire to know more about this world.

In 2000, at age 12, I started developing my first web pages in HTML, copying code and researching on my own.

I was trying to understand the code that other developers wrote, I was messing with different programming languages ​​that today have become totally obsolete.

I consider myself a self-taught and multifaceted person, I have always learned on my own and I have achieved almost all the objectives that I have set for myself.

For my parents I wasn’t a good student, I did not graduate from university and I settled for a higher degree.

In 2015, with 26 years, I started a new adventure in which I went out of the routine of a stable and comfortable work to learn another new language and get used to the changes, to break with the fears and fulfill the dreams that one wants. Since then I live in Australia where I can develop my computer studies while working as a System Administrator in the first medical cannabis clinic in Australia and I also worked in companies such as Tilray, FreshLeaf Analytics, Endered and many others.